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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a live chat assistant?
    Have you ever been onto a website and use their live chat? Or been on a businesses Facebook page and talked to the business via Facebook Messenger chat? If you have, then you have talked to a live chat assistant. More and more consumers prefer to talk to a business via live chat, instead of on the phone or in person, so therefore all these businesses need to hire people to chat to these customers. The people who do these jobs are called Live Chat Assistants. Sometimes the job is helping to answer customer support questions, sometimes it is helping to make a sale by sending the customer a link to what they are looking for.
  • Can I make money doing this?
    Live chat assistant jobs in general: Right now all around the world thousands of businesses are hiring more and more live chat assistants to help with their customer support, social media, sales and marketing.
  • How soon can I start?
    Live chat assistant jobs in general: You can get started right now! No matter where you are in the world, what day of the week it is or what time of the day (or night) it is, you can join, begin your training and start applying.
  • What is
    App-Jobz is an online job portal. We do our best to find suitable opportunities for our members all year around. To start receiving our job offers and opportunities, simple sign up to get on board. (Keep in mind that is NOT hiring you. is only finding you opportunities that you may apply to.)
  • Certificate - Job Program
    The Certificate - Job Program is offered by one of partners. The program is here to help you become a live chat assistant by providing training and job boards to get started.
  • What support will I get?
    You need to become a certified member to get support. Our partners provide you with all the training you need to get started, plus the technology and tools to help you maximize your results. (For certified members)
  • How do I stop receiving email job offers & opportunities?
    If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, just scroll down to the bottom of the email body and click "Unsubscribe" to opt out of all our future emails.
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